The regional economy responds to and is controlled by the job market, the business and political climate, and myriad other factors. At Archie Schwartz Co. Realtors, we pride ourselves in keeping abreast of these ever-changing parameters and strive to fully understand and respond to the local business environment.

If your organization is looking to relocate to or expand its current facilities in New Jersey, our professionals can guide you through each step of the process. We will analyze your day-to-day needs, your space requirements and type of business. We will help you understand the pros and cons of buying over leasing. If you lease, we can help you get the correct lease terms, the right price, and will guide you though every step right up to the closing.

If you are selling or leasing property, the same detailed approach is followed to assure that we understand your property, its special selling points, and that we market it to the best audience. Rest assured that Archie Schwartz Co. Realtors will bring the qualified clients to your property.

At Archie Schwartz Co. Realtors, we will market your property using our vast experience and extensive resources including mailing lists- advertisements and street signage etc. -- we are able to facilitate hundreds of successful transactions yearly. For over 50 years, Archie Schwartz Co. Realtors has been at the forefront of their market and a leader among their peers.

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